Personal Empowerment

Enough International’s Empowerment Program track is designed to assist men, women and children through their own social, and emotional needs. This track will assist each client through mentoring and life skill coaching. The goal of this track is to build the client’s personal strength, self confidence while maintaining responsibility and accountability for their choices.


Enough International’s Education Program track is designed to provide practical educational instructions for men, women and children of all ages and ethnicities. The program will provide life skill developmental, and personal identity tools that will help them with their daily goals, plans and decisions. The goal of this track is to build strategic thinking skills, establish standards and improve lifestyle choices.

Spiritual Encouragement

Enough International Spiritual Program track is designed to provide each client with spiritual guidance. It is within this track each person can receive individual, marital or family counseling.

These counseling opportunities are based on biblical principles, standards and statues.  The basis of this track is to advise, inform and provide direction that is in line with the bible.