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What Enough means to me: Love, Support, Encouragement, Warm Smiles, Friendship, an Inviting group of Ladies, Listening, Prayer, Healing and Learning through Christ’s Love.

Working in Baltimore city, I witnessed many women and children repeat the cycle of poverty, experience abuse, low self-esteem and drug-use. This interfered with their dreams and their goals in life. I wanted to assist and give back to this community crying out for help, but at that time I did not have a chance. Then God brought Yolanda into my life, she provided me the opportunity to support women that need love and encouragement in their lives through the Enough campaign.

Maintaining a successful career as a nurse, Cindy also volunteers with her therapy dog, Molly at Advent Health Hospitals, Hospice, and the Translife Organ Donation organization. Cindy is married and lives in sunny Orlando, Florida. She has two Rottweiler fur babies, enjoys being outdoors, paddle boarding, boating, and weight lifting.