About the Founder

Yolanda Frazier is Director of Training Development and Support under the Medical Simulation Training Department at Advent Health.

Yolanda Frazier is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, from the United States Army, where she faithfully served for 30 years. Her military career was a very enriched one with numerous military assignments. She dedicated her life and career as a professional leader who was always determined to help others by teaching and training them, so they could meet their highest potential. As a wife, mother and grandmother, she can relate to so many beautiful and challenging life experiences. Due to numerous trials early on, in her personal life, she is committed to helping others succeed as well.

Yolanda is an ordained minister, author, counselor, motivational/inspirational speaker and the founder of Women Connect. Women Connect was established in 2005, as an opportunity for women to connect once a month, to discuss various issues and network with other women. Because of the impact these sessions have been making over the years, this year Yolanda has been led by God to start providing more sessions. She also changed the name to “Enough Women Connect.”

There are two separate types of sessions. One will directly address the needs of women 16 to 20 years old. The second session will be for women 30 and older.

After serving in the community, and assisting numerous organizations for many years, Yolanda founded and officially launched her 501c3 Non-profit organization called Enough International Inc. in 2018. As Founder and CEO, Yolanda is confident and committed to living and demonstrating her life's work that was divinely given to her by God.

As a conqueror of numerous personal and spiritual battles herself, Yolanda believes that only you can determine when you have had Enough of your present life challenges and make the determination to allow God to be more than Enough in your life.