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Writing and assessments

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Throughout your own story, you will also need to use writing techniques that will work to keep your reader engaged and absorbed. An important skill is to put clear images of the setting and characters in your reader’s mind, as well as to create a sense of atmosphere that suits each part of the story. Use your narrator to tell of an incident or event that the reader feels will spark a chain of events. This helps make the reader feel that the story has really started.

different types of essay hooks

The aim of this essay type is to give explanations as to why or how something happens and to establish the meaning of a theory or argument. Unlike a description, it also includes causes, purposes and consequences. Now that you know what a hook is, you have all the tools to go forward and create incredible hooks that will make your writing more attention-grabbing, interesting and cohesive. This is a vital skill for anyone looking to use the written word to find and engage a new audience. If you are trying to give a balanced or measured approach to a certain topic rather than prove a conclusive point, this should also be clear in your hook.

Types of expository writing

We’ll be studying what makes them similar, what differences both essays have, what purpose they serve and what would be required to write them. So, auctions held by government, and to be more specific properly designed actions directly influence the life of modern country. In this essay I would like to make a kind of short review of auctions of spectrum rights for third generation mobile phones held in Europe in year 2000. The peculiarity of these auctions lies in the fact that revenues that were generated by European governments are different as a result of differently designed actions they held. This fact allows as to trace features of the auctions that were successful and resulted in relatively high revenues for the government.

different types of essay hooks

To get a feel for the tone and format in which your writing should be, read other typically reflective pieces in magazines and newspapers, for instance. Because the outline essentially serves as the essay’s ‘skeleton’, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time when writing as you’ll be really familiar with what you want to say. As such, you’ll be able to allocate more time to editing the paper and ensuring it’s of a high standard. Think of the outline as a map – how to properly cite a website in an essay you plan in advance the points you wish to navigate through and discuss in your writing. Your work will more likely have a clear through line of thought, making it easier for the reader to understand. It’ll also help you avoid missing out any key information, and having to go back at the end and try to fit it in. This section of the essay is in support of Kernohan’s theories, but it would lose marks if the student did not mention some opponents of Kernohan.

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An expository essay, on the other hand, is written from a third-person point of view and, it is very formal. This means that it is not written with as much emotion as a narrative essay. It is a sentence that does not relate to the band score requirements. It doesn’t cause your score to go down, but it is a waste of time. You have a limited amount of time and each sentence should be 100% focused and essential to the essay. A hook is to “hook the reader” – it’s about interest – that isn’t a band score requirement for IELTS. I wanted to know if it’s possible to completely agree with the statement or even completely disagree with it.

What are the 5 types of hooks?

  • 1 Statistic hook.
  • 2 Quotation hook.
  • 3 Anecdotal hook.
  • 4 Question hook.
  • 5 Statement hook.

Writers King TVWriters King TV provides video contents that educates students, businesses as well as researchers on the How-tos, guides and step by step approaches to all kinds of writing. Klemperer say that what really matters in auction design is “robustness against collusion and attractiveness to entry”. Exactly the combination or lack of one of this factors resulted in the difference in the revenues generated by European countries. There should be no cooperation between participants, as it will result in lower bids and as a consequence in low revenues. Countries should not choose auction design that facilitates collusion, as ascending auction in our case. Here amount of participants was also artificially limited by allowing participants to join into the groups. And the price that government accepts was also reduced for some reason.

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But by using this approach, my essay becomes too lengthy. Sometimes it’s about of 300 words and sometimes it’s about of 330 words.

  1. But one thing I’m afraid of is tgat the examiner might not get the exact meaning of yhe message I want to convey or what is my frame of mind .
  2. You can change your essay title during the essay-writing process if you realise you are answering a different question.
  3. Try to use sentence structure and phrasing to create a sense of emphasis.
  4. But if it has two issues , you can’t ignore 50% of the essay question.
  5. However, for opinion essays, each idea is a separate idea and should be written in individual paragraphs.

IELTS examiner certainly do NOT count the number of words for each paragraph and mark accordingly. They count the full essay word length and check that it is 250 plus words – that’s all. The higher band scores are mainly based on well developed main ideas which means your focus should be in the body paragraphs.

There are six topics in this section relating to Writing and assessments:

Write about something that you care about and that reveals a part of you. Challenges can come in different scales, and they don’t necessarily need to be the biggest challenges you’ve ever faced to make for a compelling essay. The main priority is focusing on how you responded to the challenge and what you learned from it, how you brought about a change in yourself or others. When writing about a quirk or talent, make sure to think about growth over the course of the essay.

  1. If you agree with one side, then your view is “I agree with the government and I do not agree with the family”.
  2. Be extremely critical about your experience and your response to it.
  3. The easiest way to grab the interest of your reader is by making an intriguing introduction.
  4. Also pay attention to your topic sentences – they need to be written more fully and in a more connected way.
  5. You want to share an authentic part of yourself, but it needs to make for an interesting essay — and somehow show the admissions committee that you’re a good candidate.

Each sentence should be uniquely created by yourself and connect to the specific what is the first step to creating an informative essay topic given. That is a general statement which doesn’t connect to any topic.

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The reasons for this big discrepancy in revenues is likely due to poor auction designs and the sequence in which the auctions took place. Auction theory as a very useful brunch of game theory is of the great interest of modern economists. Among other reasons of its popularity stands direct importance of its ideas to modern businesses and governments. Nowadays any business sector is more or less competitive, which requires all it’s participants to be dynamic and creative. Modernization and expansion is a vital part of modern business world. Governments, as owners of resources that allow businesses to expand and modernize, are always ready to sell those resources as it will eventually help businesses and certainly bring revenues.

What are the 7 types of essays?

  • Cause and Effect Essays.
  • Compare and Contrast Essays.
  • Descriptive Essays.
  • Evaluative Essays.
  • Persuasive Essays.
  • Problem-Solution Essays.
  • Process Essays.

Carbon-offsetting and fair-trade are both about sustainability, so your argument will be clearer if these two points are kept together. Imagine that you want to change the brand of coffee that you buy for you and your flatmates. By reading and researching, you have investigated the different options, and with critical thinking, chosen the one you want to switch to. You now decide to gather your flatmates together and persuade them that the coffee you want to get is better than the coffee you all currently drink.

Video about how to hook a reader

You should probably avoid focusing on it in your essay — unless you have a very specific or unusual story. Consider starting your introduction with a short anecdote or quote to grasp your readers’ attention, or other engaging techniques such as flashbacks. If you need to, refer back to our notes earlier on creating an outline. As you work through your essay, present your thoughts systematically, remembering to focus on your key learning outcomes. Write using the first-person narrative, ensuring that the tone of your essay is very personal and reflective of your character.

In simple terms, reflective essays constitute a critical examination of a life experience and, with the right guidance, they’re not too challenging to put together. A reflective essay is similar to other essays in that it needs to be easily understood and well structured, but the content is more akin to something personal like a diary entry. In its simplest form, a narrative essay can be defined as a long piece of writing which tells a story.


Mam please let me know which one method is correct to use in thesis for giving opinion 1. The main purpose of reporting news is to render information to the public about recent events. Information how can i be a good american essay examples on the news comes in two forms; good and bad, and the reason why these reports are put out is to educate people about these occurrences so that the society becomes aware of them.

different types of essay hooks

In most cases, a narrative essay is based on personal experiences or something related to a personal experience. The aim of this form of essay is to test the creativity of the student. Your whole essay explains your view covering the single issue or two issues raised in the question. If you disagree, how can you write suddenly that you agree? However, not all questions are suited to a one sided view. You should decide your stance after you read the question and think about ideas.

Proofreading Your Writing

A vivid description of your scene is an ideal hook to draw your reader’s attention. It may not be as easy as reading how to start an introduction. However, a well-crafted description how to write a website in an essay hook makes readers curious about what will come next in the manuscript. This hook is most used in narrative essays and can be included in academic papers as well.

  1. In this sense, deliberate deception and fabrication become inseparable from each other, which makes sense given the results of many studies in the 1990s that explored these two terms.
  2. From there she went to the University of Wisconsin where she was awarded an MA in 1976 and then her PhD from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1983.
  3. They did not realize that having one more bidder than license does not assure that the outcome will be competitive.
  4. You should aim to hook the reader into the story with the ‘plot hook’.
  5. InformationDescriptionFair audienceWhat type of audience do you want to attract?
  6. In this case with few participants there is a risk of collusion among market leaders.

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